Where are you located?

We are located at 5430 Belmont Rd. in Downers Grove.  Just one block north of Maple Ave.


Who is Reformers Unanimous for?

Reformers Unanimous is a faith-based curriculum that was written and designed by Steve Currington, a former addict who found freedom from His addictions in Jesus Christ.


How often do you meet?

Every Friday night from @7pm.


Is there a general group meeting?



Is it then broken down into smaller groups?

Yes, it is broken down into groups, called challenge groups.


Is there a woman’s and men’s group only or is it co-ed?

Smaller groups are not co-ed.


How confidential is this group?

They are very confidential.  What is said in the small group stays in the small group.


Is There A Cost?

No. Free


Are there materials that are required to bring, buy, or is suggested?

As for the materials, the program itself is free and after a couple weeks you may wish to purchase some additional material at a very nominal cost.


What if I need a ride?

Give us a call.  We will provide transportation at no cost.


Is there child care?

Yes, also free.


What if I’m not religious, or don’t believe in God or go to church?

Doesn’t matter.  This program is open to every one.


What if I am not struggling, but want to help some one close to me that is?

RU is not only for a struggling addict, but also those close to them.


Can I still come if the person close to me that is really struggling doesn’t want to?

Absolutely, you need support to make it and cope with life.


What if my main problem is anger, loneliness, depression, anxiety or life just hurts?

You have come to the right place.  You will find the support you need.